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What's The Difference? Interview with Kinder's BBQ Owner Justin Kinder

What's the Difference? takes a look at the shakers and movers of their respective industries to see what sets them apart from the rest of the pack. Edutainement at its finest. In this episode David goes one on one with Bay Area

Legend Justin Kinder the owner and driving force behind The Iconic Kinder's BBQ. In this episode they discuss numerous topics: The history of Kinder's BBQ Building a Brand The importance of community Scaling a successful business Dealing with the loss of his younger brother Jake Lessons Learned from The Ambassador of the Bay E-40 Books you MUST read and David brings up some beef that he's been holding onto with Kinder's Will they squash it? Watch and find out! 2 Bosses shooting the shit.

This and soooo much more. Game recognize Game in the Bay mayne


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